"In a way, it’s a bit like if the most popular car in the world were a Lamborghini instead of a mass-market compact."


"#Microsoft is now further along than #Apple and #Google at integrating their mobile and desktop OSes."


"The fact that #Windows 8 bakes in #ads into Microsoft’s Operating System. Shouldn’t this be a big deal or something?"


"Android is still ugly, but it’s much less ugly than it was a few years ago. Google seems to be actively addressing this, and if Apple isn’t worried, they should be."


"When you buy a TV, you’re not buying it for the frame around it, it’s the content, it’s the screen."


"A big problem with touchscreens right now is that they are very simplistic, relative to the capability of our hands"


"Microsoft must move beyond the desktop as the smartphone and tablet markets expand. But the company should make this transition by leveraging rather than destroying the Windows ecosystem."


"Some of the most successful companies in business today are known for tackling difficult creative challenges by first asking, How might we [...]"


"In a world of app prosperity, the most prosperous technology companies will be the ones that understand that being able to build their products is only a single step in a much longer journey."


"It kind of doesn’t matter how successful Surface is. But it does matter a lot if Windows 8 is successful."


"Part of the problem with being an upstart platform is that without genuine developer momentum, its hard to find developers with real abilities willing to craft really excellent apps."

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